Why Should You Recycle Scrap Metals in Brookfield, Il?

Why Should You Recycle Scrap Metals in Brookfield, Il?

scrap-metal-recycling-brookfieldDo you have a bunch of rarely used items lying around your house? Perhaps you’re thinking about trashing them, but you’re curious as to whether there are other methods of disposal? We’re here to tell you that there are, and that one of the best of these methods is metal recycling.

Wondering why you should recycle your metals in Brookfield, Illinois? There are a number of benefits to doing so, all of which will be reviewed below.

Economic Benefits

The economic benefits of metal recycling are substantial. If the metal recycling industry were to go under, our economy would feel it in a big way. Metal recycling’s economic benefits include:

Reduces the Cost of Goods

One of the biggest benefits of metal recycling is that it reduces the cost of metal goods. This is due to the fact that it’s cheaper to recycle metals than it is to mine them.

Because recycled metals cost less to obtain, manufacturers can produce metal products for less money than they otherwise could. This cost savings is then passed down to the consumer, saving us all money in the process.

Helps Create Jobs

The recycling industry is big, to say the least. In fact, approximately 1.25 million Americans are employed in the recycling industry. While not all of these individuals work in the metal recycling industry in particular, a large portion of them do.

By contributing to the recycling effort, you help keep these individuals employed. In doing so, you ensure that the US economy continues to thrive.

Environmental Benefits

As you likely already know, metal recycling is highly beneficial to the environment. These benefits include:

Preserves Metal Mines

While there are still metals existing under the earth’s crust, metal recycling greatly reduces the need for them to be mined. As such, these mines can be preserved for years to come, providing relief in the event that our recycled metal supply runs dry.

Conserves Energy

While both metal recycling and metal mining require substantial energy expenditure, metal recycling ultimately requires less energy. Because of this, it preserves both electricity and fossil fuels, allowing us to be more efficient in our energy usage.

Reduces Pollution

Simply put, metal recycling reduces pollution. Because it consumes less energy than fresh metal mining, it puts fewer pollutants into the air.

Personal Benefits

Metal recycling doesn’t just benefit the world at large. There are also some personal benefits to metal recycling. Recycling metals allows you to:

Make Some Extra Money

Hoping to make some extra money? If so, metal recycling could be just the thing for you. Metals have value, and recycling centers are willing to pay for that value. Therefore, if you have metals to submit, you can make some additional cash.

Whereas common metals like steel and iron command monetary returns of around 6 to 10 cents per pound, rarer metals such as copper and brass can command monetary returns of over $1.50 per pound.

Get Some Unneeded Items Off Your Hands

Do you have some old possessions that you’re hoping to get rid of? If so, and if they’re made of metal, you should consider submitting them to a metal recycling center.

Metal recycling centers accept all types of metals, the only exceptions being metals that are deemed hazardous.

In Need of a Scrap Metal Recycling Center in Brookfield, IL?

Are you interested in recycling scrap metals? In need of a scrap metal recycling center in Brookfield, Illinois? If so, Central Metal Recycling has you covered.

Our facility accepts metal submissions of all kinds. Whether you’ve got steel, aluminum, brass, or otherwise, it will be rewarded with monetary compensation.

Contact us now to start the recycling process!

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