Which Metal Products Can’t Be Recycled?

Which Metal Products Can’t Be Recycled?

non-recyclable-batteriesWhile most metal items can be recycled, there are still quite a few that can’t be. Most of these items are deemed non-recyclable because they have been exposed to chemicals (i.e. oil, paint, etc.) which complicate the recycling process.

Looking for some examples of such items? You’re reading the right blog post. Here are some common metal products that can’t be recycled.

Chemically-coated Kitchenware

While some metal kitchenware can be recycled, not all kitchenware can be. In particular, kitchenware that contains a chemical coating cannot be recycled.

The reason for this is simple: chemically coated metals will contaminate the other metals they’re recycled with. After they’ve been melted down, their coatings will compromise the structural integrity of any metals that were also melted down in the same container.

Dirty Paint Cans

Though paint cans can sometimes be recycled, they must be entirely cleared of all paint particles in order to do so. As is the case with chemically-coated kitchenware, residue-laden paint cans can contaminate the recycling process, producing a recycled metal that is lacking in structural integrity.

Before trying to submit your paint cans to a metal recycling company, it’s best to ensure that they’re scrubbed entirely clean. If they contain any paint residue whatsoever, they will not be able to go through the recycling process.

If you can’t scrub your paint cans entirely clean, your best bet is to just throw them in your waste receptacle. Most municipal waste collection programs will accept slightly soiled paint cans.

Motor Oil Containers

Another metal product that cannot typically be recycled is the motor oil container. This is the case for the same reason that dirty paint cans and chemically-coated kitchenware can’t be recycled: motor oil containers are contaminated with impairing chemicals.

If you’re trying to dispose of motor oil containers, you’ll want to ensure that they’re entirely void of liquid substances. Once this is done, you can just throw them in the trash.

Products Containing Mercury

A number of years ago, the chemical mercury was used in a great number of products. Though it’s not as commonly used these days, it still exists in a variety of household items. These items include, but are not limited to batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, thermometers, and more.

The fact of the matter is that mercury is a potentially dangerous chemical. Therefore, items that contain mercury cannot be put through the recycling process.

When disposing of mercury-laden products, it’s best to take them to a hazardous waste dump. While some municipalities allow them to be thrown in the trash, doing so is not good for the environment.

Products Containing Uranium

Another potentially dangerous chemical that is used in household items is uranium. Though it’s scarcely used these days, it can still be found in items such as smoke detectors, watches, clocks, camera lenses, and sun lamps.

As with mercury-containing items, uranium-containing items are too dangerous to be put through the recycling process. Recycling items that contain uranium is not only harmful to the recycled metal, but to those who are carrying out the recycling.

When disposing of items that contain uranium, we recommend taking them to a hazardous waste dump. This is the most environmentally-friendly disposal option that’s available.

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