What Metals Can Be Recycled in Oak Park, IL?

What Metals Can Be Recycled in Oak Park, IL?

recyclable-metalsDo you have an abundance of unusable metal scattered around your home, factory, or warehouse? Looking to dispose of this metal in a productive way? If so, metal recycling in Chicago is probably right up your alley.

There are a number of metals which can be recycled. However, not each and every type of metal can be put through the process.

Read below to find out which metals can be recycled.

Copper Recycling

Copper is one of the most widely recycled metals on the planet. Because of this, only 12% of the world’s entire copper preserve has been mined.

Used in everything from pipes, to electrical wires, to construction materials, copper serves a bevy of important functions in many industries. Fortunately, when it’s recycled, it’s found to lose only about 5% of  its functional value.

Steel Recycling

Human beings have been recycling steel for well over 100 years. Unlike some metals, it loses almost none of its value after having gone through the recycling process.

Steel is used in just about anything you can imagine, from kitchen appliances, to heavy-duty machinery, to construction products, and much, much more. The more steel that gets recycled, the cheaper these products will be.

Aluminum Recycling

You’re likely already very aware of the fact that aluminum is a recyclable metal. After all, just about everyone on the planet has recycled an aluminum can a time or two. Of course, larger aluminum items can a be recycled as well.

This metal is used in everything from cans, to cars, to building materials, and more. When recycled, aluminum costs only 5% of what freshly mined aluminum costs to extract. This helps to keep prices down on everyday items.

Iron Recycling

Iron is used in a variety of products, including fencing material, pans, pots, and skillets, to name just a few. You may not know it, but iron can actually be recycled.

While its recycled iterations aren’t quite at the quality level of its mined iterations, it can still be used to serve quite a few purposes. If you’ve got any old iron products lying around, it wouldn’t hurt to have them recycled.

Brass Recycling

An alloy, brass is used to create a variety of different items. These items include everything from rings, to necklaces, to kitchen faucets, and more. Known for its beauty, it is often used as an alternative to gold or silver.

Like iron, brass will lose some of its value after it has been recycled. However, it will still be of high enough quality to serve a few different functions. If you’ve got brass objects to rid yourself of, you might choose to recycle them.


You may have never heard of the term “e-scrap,” but you very likely know what it is. E-scrap is the metal which is used in electronic products such as computers, video game consoles, televisions, and other such entities.

What you might not have realized is that you can recycle these entities. At the present time, most e-scrap goes unrecycled. This has a lot to do with the fact that consumers are not aware of its recycling potential.

Do You Have Metals That Can Be Recycled?

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