Recycling E-Scrap in Broadview: A Brief Guide

Recycling E-Scrap in Broadview: A Brief Guide

e-scrap-electronic-recycling-componentsDid you know that you can recycle the metal found in electronic items? Sometimes called E-scrap, the metals contained with electronics can be just as valuable as metals used for other purposes.

Hoping to learn a little more about the recycling of E-scrap in Broadview, Illinois? Then keep on reading. This brief guide should be of use to you.

Types of E-Scrap That Can Be Recycled:

E-scrap comes in many different forms, many of which can be recycled. The most commonly recycled types of E-scrap will be reviewed below.


Computers and computer accessories are filled with recyclable metals. Not only will you find these metals in monitors, but in hard drives, printers, laptops, tablets, and much more.


Out of all electronic waste, cell phones have the highest recycling rate. Unfortunately, this rate is only at 10%. In other words, when it comes to metal recycling, E-scrap is a highly untapped territory.

Want to contribute to the recycling of E-scrap? Simply bring your old cell phones to a metal recycling center. Not only can the metals inside of the phones be recycled, but the metals in the phones’ batteries as well.

What Happens to E-Scrap After it’s Submitted to a Recycling Center?

Curious as to what happens to E-Scrap after it is submitted to a metal recycling center? Read on to find out!

It’s Sorted

After your E-scrap has been submitted to the recycling center, it will be sorted into groups. These groups will be designated by metal type. For instance, whereas one group will contain copper, another group will contain aluminum, and so on and so forth.

It’s Shredded

Once the E-scrap has been sorted into individual groups, it will be shredded. This is done to lower its melting point, thus making it easier to melt.

It’s Melted

After the E-scrap has been shredded, it will be melted. This is done in a large furnace and will generally take a few hours to complete. Different types of metal possess different melting points, so, while one batch of metal might take an hour to melt, another batch of metal might take two hours to melt.

It’s Assessed for Quality

Once the E-scrap has been melted into a liquid, it will be assessed for quality. This is done to ensure that it doesn’t contain any contaminants. If contaminants are found, they will have to be removed.

It’s Made into New Items

Finally, the melted metal is placed in molds and reshaped to make new products. While they might be used to make more E-scrap, they might be used to make other objects as well.

Looking for a Scrap Metal and E-Scrap Recycling Center Near Broadview?

Do you have E-scrap in your possession? Looking for an E-scrap and metal recycling center near Broadview, Illinois? If so, we at Central Metal Recycling are the people to see.

We accept E-scrap and scrap metals of all kinds, including the components from all of the items discussed above. Regardless of how much or how little you have to submit, you will be rewarded with financial compensation in the form of a cash payment.

Contact us now to get the ball rolling!

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