Metal Recycling in Oak Lawn, IL: Comparing Ferrous Metals with Non-Ferrous Metals

Metal Recycling in Oak Lawn, IL: Comparing Ferrous Metals with Non-Ferrous Metals

metal-recycling-oak-lawnIn the world of metal recycling, metals are generally separated into two groups: ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. These types of metals are radically different from one another, and each one has its own characteristics in terms of functionality and value.

Thinking about recycling metals in Oak Lawn, Illinois? Interested in learning more about the differences between ferrous and non-ferrous metals? This article has you covered.

What are the Characteristics of Ferrous Metals?

Simply put, ferrous metals are those that contain iron. If a metal doesn’t contain any iron, it’s not considered a ferrous metal. There are exactly two types of ferrous metals: 1. Iron itself, and 2. Steel (a metal alloy which is partially comprised of iron).

The primary characteristics of ferrous metals include toughness, durability, and strength. Compared to other types of metals, ferrous metals possess exceedingly high levels of tensile strength. This enables them to withstand extreme amounts of wear and tear.

Note, however, that unlike other types of metals, ferrous metals are vulnerable to rust. If a particular ferrous metal is exposed to moisture on a regular basis, it will experience oxidation, and will experience rusting.

A wide variety of products are made out of ferrous metals. These include everything from construction materials, to car parts, to kitchenware, to fencing materials and much more. When used in these products, these metals might be described as wrought iron, cast iron, or carbon steel.

Recycling Ferrous Metals

When it comes to recycling, ferrous metals are abundant. Steel, in particular, is the most recycled material in the world.

For metal scrappers, this is both good and bad. On one hand, because ferrous metals are recycled on a regular basis, they’re exceedingly easy to come by. Junkyards, garages, sheds, and houses are chock-full of ferrous metals.

The problem is, because they’re so commonly recycled, ferrous metals aren’t worth much to metal recycling centers. A pound of iron or steel will generally only see a return of 6 to 10 cents.

Note, however, that this isn’t necessarily a reason to reject ferrous metal recycling. If you find a large enough batch of ferrous metals, you can make a fairly substantial amount of money from it.

What are the Characteristics of Non-Ferrous Metals?

Non-ferrous metals are the metals that don’t contain iron. These include brass, lead, copper, tin, and aluminum, to name just a few.

In many ways, non-ferrous metals could be considered the opposite of ferrous metals. Whereas they possess much less strength than ferrous metals, they are also much more malleable than ferrous metals. Not to mention, they don’t rust.

Some non-ferrous metal items include soda cans, baseball bats, high-end rain gutters, and electrical wiring.

Recycling Non-Ferrous Metals

The recycling rates of the different non-ferrous steels vary greatly. Whereas aluminum is recycled on a very regular basis, copper and brass are scarcely recycled. This is because aluminum is generally much easier to find than are copper and brass.

Aluminum will generally see a monetary return of around 50 cents per pound. Copper will typically see a return of $2.65 per pound. Brass will typically yield a return of around $1.60 per pound.

Start Metal Recycling in Oak Lawn!

Now that you know the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, you might be interested in recycling some of your metals. If so, and if you’re looking for a metal recycling center in Oak Lawn, Illinois, Central Metal Recycling has you covered.

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