Metal Recycling in Forest View, Illinois: Seven Metal Items You Should Consider Recycling

Metal Recycling in Forest View, Illinois: Seven Metal Items You Should Consider Recycling

metal-recycling-forest-viewAre you interested in recycling metal in Forest View, Illinois? Wondering how you can get your hands on some recyclable metal items? The key is in learning which metal items are recyclable and scoping them out wherever you can.

Curious as to which metal items are recyclable? If so, this article should be of assistance. Here are seven metals items you should consider recycling in Forest View.

1. Cans

As you likely already know, soda and soup cans are recycled on a regular basis. Made out of aluminum, these cans yield a fairly substantial monetary return, particularly when they’re bagged up and submitted in large batches.

While you might have the option to recycle your cans in a roadside recycling receptacle, doing so wouldn’t yield you any return. By taking your cans to a recycling center, you will receive reasonable compensation for them.

2. Auto Parts

There are over 30,000 parts in each automobile—the vast majority of which are made out of metal. While some of these parts are made out of aluminum, others are made out of steel. In most cases, regardless of what they’re made of, they can be recycled.

In essence, that old car that just sits around on your property could yield you a decent chunk of money. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small door handle or a large bumper, if it’s made out of metal, it can be put through the metal recycling process.

3. Bikes

Have any old bikes sitting around in your garage or shed? If so, and if you don’t have plans to use them again, you should consider having them recycled. While not all bikes are made out of metal (some are made out of carbon fiber), many of them are. Aluminum, in particular, is a very common material in bicycles.

Note, however, that if you’re going to submit your bike to a metal recycling center, you should strip it of all non-metal components beforehand. This will make it easier to recycle, and it might even yield you a greater monetary return.

4. Sporting Goods

There are all types of metal sporting goods—from golf clubs, to baseball bats, to barbells, to dumbbells and more. These items are made out of a wide variety of metals, all of which can be put through the metal recycling process.

5. Kitchenware

From silverware, to mixing bowls, to spatulas and more, there is no shortage of metal kitchenware. The vast majority of this kitchenware can be recycled. The only exception would be items that are coated with a non-stick film.

6. Furniture

There is a great deal of furniture that is made out of metal, and all of it can be put through the metal recycling process. Patio furniture, in particular, is commonly made out of a metal of some kind.

7. Locks

Have any old locks laying around your house? Whether they’re padlocks, door locks, or otherwise, they can most likely be put through the metal recycling process. Locks are made out of a number of materials, some of which will yield substantial monetary returns (i.e. brass) and some of which will yield modest monetary returns (i.e. steel).

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