Brass Recycling in Elk Grove Village: A Guide

Brass Recycling in Elk Grove Village: A Guide

brass-metal-pipe-fittingsThe fact is most types of metals can be recycled. Brass is certainly no exception to this rule. In fact, a large percentage of the brass items currently are made out of recycled brass.

Do you have brass items in your possession? Wondering if they can be recycled? Curious as to whether or not recycling them is worth your while? Read on! This article should help you.

Benefits of Brass Recycling:

You might not realize it, but we are all beneficiaries of brass recycling. This is because the recycling of brass benefits not only the earth’s environment, but the country’s economy as well. We’ll discuss these benefits in a little more detail below.

Brass Recycling Helps the Planet

Brass recycling helps the earth in two primary ways. The first way it helps the earth is by reducing the need for metal mining. As long as recycled metals are being used to manufacture new products, fresh metals will stay in the ground, and the earth will be left undamaged by miners.

The other way in which brass recycling benefits the planet is by reducing carbon emissions. Seeing as an increase in carbon emissions has been directly tied to climate change, this is a meaningful benefit.

This isn’t to say that brass recycling is free of carbon emissions. It’s just to say that the amount of carbon emitted during the brass recycling process is much less than the amount released during the metal mining process.

Brass Recycling Helps the Economy

The economy benefits from brass recycling in a number of respects. Not only does brass recycling keep down the prices of brass goods, it creates jobs, and pumps money into the economy as well.

Common Brass Items:

Now, you might wonder: what types of brass items can be recycled? Generally, if it’s made out of brass, it can be put through the recycling process. There are no regular exceptions to this rule. Some of the more commonly recycled brass items include:

Musical Instruments

It’s called the brass section for a reason! Trumpets, trombones, french horns, and a variety of other musical instruments are, in fact, made out of brass.

If you have a brass instrument in your possession, and you no longer have any use for it, you could opt to have it recycled. If the instrument is still playable, you might consider donating it to a local music program. On the other hand, if the instrument can’t produce the sounds that it’s meant to produce, you could bring it into a metal recycling company.

Door Locks

While it’s not used to make all door locks, brass is one of the most common door lock materials. Brass locks were particularly popular 20 to 30 years ago. Depending on the age of your home, you may brass locks installed or stored somewhere in your house. If so, you should have them recycled.

Pipes and Other Plumbing Products

Anything from water pipes, to shower heads, to faucets could be made out of brass. After all, brass is commonly used to make plumbing implements.

If you have any old, brass plumbing implements in your possession, your best bet is to trade them into a metal recycling company. They will be melted down and used for future applications.


Gears are used in everything, from watches, to appliances, to kids’ toys, and more. Very often, these gears are made out of brass. Therefore, should you find any old gears laying around your house, you could easily have them recycled.

Looking to Recycle Brass in Elk Grove Village?

What do you think? Interested in recycling brass in Elk Grove Village? If so, your best bet is to do business with a reputable metal recycling company. In the Chicagoland area, Central Metal Recycling is that company.

We accept all types of brass items. If you have items that you’d wish to submit, we’d love to do business with you.

Contact us now to start the process!

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