Are There Maywood Scrap Metals That Can’t Be Recycled?

Are There Maywood Scrap Metals That Can’t Be Recycled?

old-paint-can-recyclingThe vast majority of metals in existence can be successfully recycled. However, there are a select few types of metals out there that can’t be. Instead, these scrap metals must be disposed of in a safe and regulated manner.

Wondering which types of metals fit this bill? Then you’re in luck. Below, we’re going to discuss the various types of metals that can’t be put through the recycling process.

Items That Contain Mercury

As you might know, mercury is a toxic substance. Though it’s not heavily used in manufacturing these days, it still exists in a number of older products. These products include thermometers, batteries, and light bulbs.

Due to the toxicity of mercury, these products cannot be recycled. This is not only due to the fact that mercury is toxic, but because its existence in a product could pose as a hindrance in the recycling process.

Do you need to dispose of items that contain mercury? Your best bet would be to take them to the nearest hazardous waste dump.

Items That Contain Uranium

Not only is it impossible to recycle items that contain mercury, but items that contain uranium as well. Though uranium isn’t used in a great number of modern products, it’s still used in some, including cameras, clocks, watches, and smoke detectors.

Items that contain uranium can’t be recycled for the same reasons that mercury-laden items can’t be recycled: 1. They’re potentially toxic, and 2. They will compromise the integrity of the recycling process.

Also, like mercury-laden items, uranium-laden items should be disposed of in a hazardous waste dump.

Looking to Recycle Scrap Metals in Maywood, Illinois?

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