What Does the Metal Recycling Process Entail?

What Does the Metal Recycling Process Entail?

recycling-processIf you’ve ever thought about recycling metal, you’ve probably also wondered what exactly the metal recycling process entails. It is, by no means, a simple process, requiring a great of time, effort, and energy in order to be carried out correctly.

Want to understand the process in a little more detail? Read on to gain a true understanding of the metal recycling process.

Collection of the Metal

The first part of the metal recycling process in Chicago is the collection of the metal. Metals are typically collected by recycling companies with the use of trucks. In most cases, the individual or organization which is giving up the metal for recycling will bring it to the recycling company.

Many of the metals which are recycled come from items such as cars, railroad tracks, boats, or electronic equipment. A great deal of the metals which get recycled are scrap from factories,  warehouses or consumer goods.

Sorting of the Metals Recycled in Chicago

After metal has been collected by the recycling company, said company will sort the collected metals into groups. It’s vital that metals are separated by type so that they can be properly recycled.

This is to say, all aluminums must be sorted into an aluminum group, all irons must be sorted into an iron group, and so on and so forth. Oftentimes, metal recycling companies will have machines which can automate this process.

Shredding Recycled Metals in Chicago

Once different metals have been sorted into appropriate groupings, they will need to be processed. Processing includes shredding metals down to smaller forms, allowing them to be melted with lower amounts of energy.

After metals have been shredded, they create something of a homogeneous mixture, becoming one with other metal items which are being recycled in their same batch. This allows them to be broken down into their purest forms.

Melting of Recycled Metals in Chicago

Now that a homogeneous mixture has been made out of the metals which are being recycled, these metals can be reduced to their purest forms. How are they reduced to their purest forms? They are melted in extraordinarily hot furnaces.

Each different metal mixture is put into a furnace which is designed to accommodate it. While some types of metal will melt down in mere minutes, others will take hours to melt.

Ensuring the Quality of the Recycled Melted Metal

Once metals have been melted down, it’s necessary to ensure that there are no contaminants contained within them. There are several different processes which are used to accomplish this, but a common one is electrolysis.

If the melted metals are not pure, they will not be able to be solidified in the correct manner.

Turning Liquid Recycled Metals into a Solid

At this point, metals have been melted, and have been found to be free of contaminants. It’s now time to turn these liquids into a solids.

In most cases, they will be strategically shaped to serve some sort of practical purpose. For instance, manufacturers may shape liquid metal into vehicle components to be used in cars. It’s at this point that the metal recycling process has come full circle. Old metals have been turned into new ones.

Ready to Put Your Metals Through the Metal Recycling Process?

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