Recycling Different Types of Metal in Elmwood Park, Illinois

Recycling Different Types of Metal in Elmwood Park, Illinois

metal-recycling-elmwood-parkThe recycling of metals is vital not only to the wellbeing of the environment, but to the wellbeing of the economy as well. Without metal recycling, the Earth’s metal mines would be ravaged, and our metal goods would be much more expensive. This is why it’s important that we all do our part in recycling metal.

Maybe you’re looking to recycle some of your metal items and are looking for a little more information about doing so? If so, you’re in the right place. Below, we’re going to discuss the recycling of different types of metal in Elmwood Park, Illinois.

Stainless Steel

Out of all materials existing in the world, steel is recycled the most. In 2014, the material had a recycling rate of 86%, meaning that the vast majority of steel that you come across has been used before for other purposes.

Because steel is so commonly recycled, its submission to recycling centers yields a fairly modest monetary reward. Generally, you’ll receive between 20 and 30 cents for a pound of steel.

Fortunately, finding stainless steel items shouldn’t be a problem; they’re everywhere. Everything from kitchenware, to furniture, to athletic equipment contains stainless steel.


While it’s not recycled quite as much as stainless steel, aluminum is still recycled on a very regular basis. This is due to the fact that it’s commonly used in the manufacture of all types of items.

Perhaps the most commonly recycled aluminum item is the soda can. However, aluminum is also used in sporting goods, bike frames, nails, and a variety of other objects.

Aluminum yields a decent monetary return. Generally, you can expect to receive between 30 and 50 cents per pound for its submission.


Like stainless steel, iron is recycled on a fairly regular basis. For this reason, it commands a monetary return of between 6 and 10 cents per pound. That being said, it’s extremely easy to find. You shouldn’t have much trouble racking up the pounds.

Some commonly recycled iron items include pans, cutlery, and auto parts, to name just a few.


Copper isn’t used in a lot of items, and therefore isn’t recycled as commonly as steel, aluminum, or iron. However, what this means is that it yields a much larger monetary return than those other three metals.

Whereas non-insulated copper can be worth up to $2.65 per pound, insulated copper can be worth around 90 cents per pound. Copper items include copper wire, copper gutters, and copper bowls, to name just a few.


Like copper, brass is much less common than the other metals discussed above. As such, it’s not commonly recycled. However, if you have brass to recycle, you can get as much as $1.60 a pound for it.

Brass items include gears, kitchen hardware, and plumbing appliances, to name just a few.


E-scrap is the type of metal that is found in electronics. These electronics include batteries, computers, and other such entities.

E-scrap could be any type of metal, and therefore doesn’t have a set monetary return for submission. Your best bet it to collect your E-scrap and bring it to your local Elmwood Park metal recycling center. The representatives at the center can assess it and let you know what it’s worth.

Have Metals to Recycle in Elmwood Park?

Are you in possession of metal items that you no longer need? Looking to recycle metals in Elmwood Park, Illinois? If so, the metal recycling experts with Central Metal Recycling are the people to see.

We accept all of the metals discussed above and offer monetary compensation for each. Regardless of the size of your metal load, we would be glad to purchase it from you.

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